Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Dog photography

Saturday, mid-afternoon, Joey and I are cruising Pet Co. because we need kibble.  (Actually, I’m the one who needs the kibble. Joey would much prefer take-out steak tartare.)

We pass a pen closing off a couple of aisles and a young woman with a major Nikon, who coos over how adorable Joey is, and suggests that we take advantage of the special deal on pet photography.

I explain that Joey is photophobic and formal efforts to take his picture result in something that the Amnesty International Canine Division would use as a poster for the prevention of exploitation of dogs.

“Oh, but I have a fast shutter!” she told me.

It was a worm on a hook.  I couldn’t resist the challenge.  I’m a photographer.  I love Joey and I know the issue isn’t shutter speed. It’s the invasiveness of a light-flashing, pointed, black prong challenging him that he HATES.

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