Wednesday, February 19, 2020



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WoofTrax's free smart phone application, Take Your Walk for a Dog, gives you a real two-fer -- first, you and your dog get a...

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In the past week, reporters, dog lovers and researchers have gotten jazzed by the news that  dogs are more likely to interact with a...

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How many times has your bright-eyed, bushy tailed best friend come to a sit at your heels and stared up expectantly at you?It's not...
BlogPaws 2015

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Customized food, made-in-America products, the joys and perils of ever-longer lives and eco-awareness were top themes at last week's BlogPaws 2015 conference. More than 500...
SuperZoo 2015

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If you want a preview of what kind of dog food, treats, toys, equipment, grooming supplies or supplements will be on the shelves of your local...

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At 7 a.m. in L.A. today, the mercury was struggling to reach 42° F. As we sat at our local Starbucks waiting for our...

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The Emmy award-winning TV-series, "Lucky Dog with Brandon McMillan," is searching for families in the Los Angeles area who want to adopt a dog... Best Senior Dog Award 2019