Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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No subjects will be more pleased this weekend with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee than her own Corgi dogs.

Her 60-year reign makes her the second longest serving British monarch, surpassed only by Queen Victoria, who reigned 63 years. The occasion will be marked by a 1,000-boat flotilla on the Thames with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburg traveling on the Royal Barge, concerts, the lighting of 2,012 beacons throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, services at St. Paul’s, lunch at Westminster Abbey and a carriage process back to Buckingham Palace.

It’s the perfect occasion for celebrating the Queen’s favorite dogs, Welsh Corgis.

So Cal Corgi Beach Day

More than 800 Corgis took Rosie’s Beach in Long Beach by storm on Saturday, July 25.

This was a big leap up from the So Cal Corgi Nation’s last beach event in April, when 500 of these cuties showed up to benefit the Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.

The July event drew dogs in costumes, sunglasses, bandanas, wigs and scuba gear. While some of these Welsh transplants took to the waves, others bummed around on the sand on beach blankets and shaded by their own tents.

This is a breed that really knows how to enjoy a good time.

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Joey was delighted to see the attention Gov. Jerry Brown’s Pembroke Welsh corgi is getting for the smiles he’s spreading in Sacramento.

He first won over the governor who was a Labrador lover until his sister Kathleen persuaded him to take Sutter when she moved to Chicago. He is a people-magnet as he rounds the halls of the gubernatorial office suite with the governor.  He attends budget-hearings, charms law-makers of all persuasions.

His comings and going are reported on “The Daily Corgi.” He tweets and he appears on You Tube. There’s even an iTunes song (“Hey, Little Doggie”) in his honor.

Sutter is such a wonderful ambassador for all that dogs contribute to human lives and society.

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