Monday, July 13, 2020
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Blind dogs


When Muffin walks up to greet a visitor to his home, he looks like an angel.

It’s not just his toy poodle cuteness, nor the harness with the white wings.  It’s the halo that bumps gently against the visitor’s legs letting Muffin, who has been blind for the past two years not to keep moving forward.

The halo is the creation of Muffin’s owner Silvie Bordeaux.  Silvie and Muffin have been together since Muffin was eight weeks old. When Muffin started developing cataracts in 2011, it was heart-breaking for Sylvie.

“At first, I started seeing the blue white cataract in his eye,” she recalled. “I tried using homeopathic drops. We went to New York for Thanksgiving.  I could see that he was hesitant.  Then one day he walked into a wall and then fell down some stairs.”

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