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Best Summer Dog Game: Bobbing for Hot Dogs


It’s hotter than an Elvis Presley hound dawg these days.

Bobbing for hot dogs is just the kind of cool dog games to fight summer heat. All it takes is a tub, some cool water and package of hot dogs, cut up.

The size of the tub and the amount of water should vary with the size of your dog. Sporting dogs — retrievers and spaniels, for example — take to this like ducks to water.  You can make the water deeper for them. Small dogs will need shallower water. If your tub has see-through sides, all the better.

Basset hounds make good hot dog bobbers.

Drop a few pieces of hot dog into the pan with the water and sit back. One of the funnest parts of this game is watching the dog think through how to get the hot dogs. Actually getting a piece of hot dog requires the dog to stick his neck out over the edge of the pan, submerge his nose in water without inhaling it and actually snagging one of the bobbing pieces of meat.

If your dog is especially keen to avoid water, you may need to do some coaxing.  It’s a process of desensitizing their fears. Having a piece of hot dog resting in your palm under the water encourages them to grab it without making them go under the water.

Eventually the lure of the food surpasses the dislike of water and the fun begins.

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