Help animals in LA just by walking your dog


WoofTrax’s free smart phone application, Take Your Walk for a Dog, gives you a real two-fer — first, you and your dog get a healthy walk and, secondly, the miles you walk add up to donations for the animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice.

That sends 11- to 25-cents a mile to a particular rescue organization or shelter, depending on the number of people who sign up to support it. According to the WoofTrax’s website, 800,000 miles have been walked so far.  In their first six months, WoofTrax distributed $10,000 in donations to nearly 4,000 shelters.

A number animal shelters in LA are already participating in the program. (More organizations are shown within the app than on the website.)  The funding for the donations comes from sponsors (trupanion pet medical insurance and Lavien, which makes leather leashes and accessories); advertising and investors. There is advertising in the app, but it doesn’t overshadow the information about your walk.

Currently, the app is available for Android and iPhone. Set up is quick and simple. You must verify your email to enroll in the program. You identify the organization you want to support and you can create profiles for one or more dogs that you plan to walk with. Then, simply press the “Start Walk For . . . ” button and it tracks how far, how long and how fast you and your dog walked. If you forget to turn it off and hop in a car, the app will automatically shut off when it senses you are moving faster than it’s possible to walk.

Any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or city or county shelter can sign up to participate. They simply have to send an email to with the organization’s name, postal address, phone number, email address, website and tax ID number.

Donations are paid about twice a year. Each walker is sent an email when that happens and the information is posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Given that it’s nearly Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to think about year-end support for animals. Here are more ideas for helping.

Disclaimer: No payment, free products or other considerations were given for the writing of this post.