Give shelter dogs some holiday comfort before Dec. 31

Kuranda bed for shelter dogs

If you still have space in your heart and charitable dollars to give, you can give dogs in Los Angeles Animal Services Shelters the gift of comfort: a Kuranda bed for sleeping off chilly concrete shelter floors.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, Tracy James, a four-year volunteer at the North Central Shelter, is spearheading a campaign to build up donations to  get the beds into Los Angeles shelters. You can also go to the Kuranda shelter beds and make bed donations to other charities in Los Angeles. We’re even providing directions for making these beds to give to shelters, rescue organization or animal foster families.

The beds have metal or PCV pipe frames and a stretched piece of vinyl as a mattress. A $45 donation will buy a cat bed, and a $90 donation will buy a dog bed. Smaller amounts are also welcome.  Anyone who makes a donation before Dec. 31 will receive a gift certificate for cupcakes front he Susie Cakes bakery. (A certificate for a half dozen cupcakes is given for $45 donations; and a full dozen for the $90 donation.)

Dogs at shelters generally sleep on the floor, plastic beds or donated towels. There is a constant need for new bedding as it gets dirty or chewed up.

You can give the beds to a variety of other shelters through the Kuranda shelter beds as well.

But if DIY is your thing, here’s a great tutorial by the Columbus Connection for building a similar bed for about $12.  It even has some suggestions for getting discounts.

This is a project that takes more than one pair of hands.  It would make a great family project or a focus for a holiday party.

A printable supply list and instructions are available at