Dogs on the Move


The first time I put Joey into my car, he trembled with fear. He never wants to be left behind, but he’s not as excited as some dogs I’ve known about riding around in a car.

His favorite spot is standing up in the back seat with his chin resting on the window sill. People at bus stops will lean over to wave at him while we wait at stop lights.

Early on, I bought him a sheep skin harness that attached to a seat belt to keep him from flying when we had to make a sudden stop. No sooner had I put the car in gear than he got a paw through the neck of the harness and stepped right through it. He hopped on console and jumped into the back seat into his favorite spot.

These days I keep a big fat pillow in the foot well so that if we do stop quickly, he steps into the pillow.

When I ride my recumbent trike, I have a Burley cart for him that I tow behind my trike. He’s still a little uncertain about that one. I think the fact that he is enclosed — like a kennel — makes him less than thrilled. Dogs like Lucca (above) travel with their owners’ trikes without a cart. That’s much more like running with the pack.