Dog pajamas make the holidays bright

Stewart plaid pajamas

Dog pajamasOkay, spare a few moments for a relaxing holiday fantasy:

Your shopping is done; your holiday cards mailed.  You’re stretched out on the couch in your PJs, watching a toasty fire. The eggnog close at hand is spirited. The one thing missing from this nearly perfect Norman Rockwell moment is . . . Fido wearing matching pajamas snoozing beside you.

Yes, Angelinos, you really can make this scene come true at Pajamagram. Not only can you buy dog pajamas, you can buy dog pajamas that match the family’s pajamas.

The dog pajamas run about $20.  Some styles come with matching dog beds. And if you really have to, you can buy the cat some pajamas, too.

Stewart plaid pajamasFido and the family can head for bed in tartan plaid, Santa suits, Hoodie-Footie Winter Whimsy jammies, red drop-seat pjs, Mommy and Me pajamas for dogs and puppies — the choices go on and on.

People pajamas range in price from about $60 for adult sizes, $35 for children’s , $30 for toddlers and $26 for infants. For an extra $13 each, you can monogram the pajamas. The site has an easy to use selector for the number and size you desire.

You can also find holiday collars and toys, leopard print tennis balls, Santa hats and reindeer antlers for dogs.

In a cold or drafty house, or when you’re keeping the thermostat low to conserve energy, dog pajamas can be very helpful to smaller, older dogs or those who don’t have a thick coat to warm them.