Thursday, February 20, 2020
LA Life

LA Life

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"One of the pleasures of dog ownership for me," said Kate this morning, "is waking up to a creature who is so exuberantly enthusiastic...

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Joey is so peeved at me. We missed artist Laurie Anderson's Music for Dogs concert June 5 at the Sydney Opera House. It was part...

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I spent the first six years of my life in Wichita Falls, Texas. You can find it outside the fence of  Sheppard Air Force...
Holiday safety for dogs

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I was strong this Thanksgiving -- and Fido survived. No handouts from the table. No cripsy bits of fatty skin in the kitchen. No...

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In Henry Bergh's lifetime, dogs turned treadmills or pulled carts.  Sporting men put down money on $1,000 championship dogfights. Strays were rounded up from...

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From the faceted steel sign designed by sculptor Heath Satow to the electric dog portraits by Japanese-born street artist Septerhed along its northwest wall,...
Dining with dogs

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Dining with your dog in Los Angeles is a piece of cake, if your dog has been well socialized and trained to behave well...

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With the arrival of New Year's Eve, we at FidoUniverse are looking forward to welcoming in the new year with a glass of Baron...

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The pig with the pink fairy wings and metallic pink hooves came. A disdainful llama came. Three snakes were there . . . a...

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Spike looks debonair wearing his amber flea collar.  We got it at Healing TouchVets in Sherman Oaks. His vet there, Audra MacCorkle, DVM, wears... Best Senior Dog Award 2019