A Yard with a View

A Yard with a View

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Our neighborhood is blessed with three pure white dogs.

Zach and Zoe are said to be gindos. They most certainly spent formative years in a terrorist training camp. They have fangs and violent barks and they aren’t afraid of using them.

Sunny (in the photo) is a Samoyed. He lives in one of the most beautiful and natural looking gardens I have ever seen. The landscape designer, a man of great sensitivity, realized that even a great garden needs to give a dog a view of the ‘hood. So he designed the window in the fence for Sunny. It has a convex mask over it so Sunny can stick his head and see from the sides as well as straight ahead.

When I first got Joey, I felt bad that he didn’t have a yard. We go out walking instead several times a day. At least one walk is more than an hour long. We also try to get out in the hills and forests where he can walk on bare ground and remember what it was like in Grandpa Wolf’s day.

Our walks have taught me that one thing worse than a dog without a yard is a dog who has a yard he never gets out of. Those are the crazy barking dogs. They don’t know the other dogs of the neighborhood. They’d be lost three blocks from home because they don’t have a scent map of the area.

Sunny is one of the lucky dogs. He not only has a yard with a view. He has an owner who takes him on daily long walks, too.