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Homemade dog biscuits

Dogs know one thing about Halloween that children don’t: it’s not “trick OR treat” — it’s “trick AND treat.”

Your Fido will be delighted to do tricks if any of the following treats are his reward.

According to the FidoConfidential panel of dog biscuit experts — Zach, Zoey, Red, Denny and Joey — the best find of the season was the Pumpkin-Liver Cookie from Whole Dog Journal’s September 2012 issue.

A simple, two-ingredient treat, it got rapt attention from our experts. Excellent for training. Most dogs love liver, but it can be rich for some.  The pumpkin helps hold the cookies together, has a flavor that most dogs love and is easy on their digestive tracts.

Easy Homemade Dog Biscuits

The annual FidoUniverse Dog Biscuit Bake-Off this year added an extra challenge: creating recipes that use healthy herbs and are gluten-free.

More dogs — just like their owners — are developing food allergies that often can be traced to an intolerance for gluten.Gluten is formed when certain flours (mainly from wheat) and water are mixed. Because long, stretchy strands of gluten trap the gas from the yeast, it helps baked goods become light and airy.

Fortunately, dog biscuits need to be crunchy rather than airy so flours that little or no gluten work well, including those made from rye, oats, corn or spelt; seeds such as amaranth or flax; or legumes like soybeans, lentils or garbanzo beans.

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