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Stewart plaid pajamas

Dog pajamasOkay, spare a few moments for a relaxing holiday fantasy:

Your shopping is done; your holiday cards mailed.  You’re stretched out on the couch in your PJs, watching a toasty fire. The eggnog close at hand is spirited. The one thing missing from this nearly perfect Norman Rockwell moment is . . . Fido wearing matching pajamas snoozing beside you.

Yes, Angelinos, you really can make this scene come true at Pajamagram. Not only can you buy dog pajamas, you can buy dog pajamas that match the family’s pajamas.


WoofTrax’s free smart phone application, Take Your Walk for a Dog, gives you a real two-fer — first, you and your dog get a healthy walk and, secondly, the miles you walk add up to donations for the animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice.

That sends 11- to 25-cents a mile to a particular rescue organization or shelter, depending on the number of people who sign up to support it. According to the WoofTrax’s website, 800,000 miles have been walked so far.  In their first six months, WoofTrax distributed $10,000 in donations to nearly 4,000 shelters.

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Big Face T-shirts

Dachshund Christmas ornamentPeople who love dogs are the easiest people to find gifts for!

Fido and I have a glorious list of gifts for our friends who have friends who have paws.  We’re just challenged about who should get what. There’s something for all budgets in this list:

  1. Books. There are so many wonderful books out there from the delightful The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs to Mike Ritland’s Trident K9 Warriors; My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy Seal Canines to one both Fido and I love, Rick Woodford’s Feed Your Best Friend Better; Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs. Woodford takes the mystery of feeding your dog a healthy balanced diet. His book is brimming with information about dogs’ nutritional needs, how to know how much to feed a dog and how to address issues such as allergies, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and more. One of my favorite charts compares the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals needed by a 50-pound dog with those of a 50-pound girl.  At a glance you can see it all in perspective. Woodford’s recipes are easy and disappear quickly in our house.  He has lots of advice about transitioning a dog to homemade food or supplementing commercial food for better health. Anyone with a dog should have this book.

JJ the American Street Dog

Diane Rose-Solomon’s book, JJ the American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House, is the delightful story of a found dog and the family who welcomed him into their home.

The book has received applause from readers and reviewers as well as a Mom’s Choice Award.

The original JJ the street dog

When her own family decided to get their first dog, Rose-Solomon recalled, she imagined getting a golden retriever from a well-researched breeder.

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Pumpkins have replaced watermelons at the local Ralphs. The calendar says autumn starts on Sunday, so we’re pulling out the knitting needles and yarn.

Joey — or rather me on his behalf — is going to be the first beneficiary of the 2013 knitting season. We’re using hollypknits pattern for Bentley’s Leash Bag Holder.

Picking up poop is not my favorite activity, but I accept that it’s my responsibility as an urban dog companion. But I hate those coy little plastic bag holders.  You know the ones shaped like fire hydrants or purses or dog bones. They break and they only hold the expensive rolls of poop bags.

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Charity dollars for dogs

I’m sitting on the couch, envelope knife in hand, with Fido sighing in his sleep and shrugging more comfortably into his dog pillow on the floor.

The appeals for help are rolling in with heart-tugging tales and tear-tumbling photos. If I could, I’d save every dog from the abuse and neglect I’ve been reading about.

And that’s the challenge: I have limited resources and the needs seem to be infinite. Here’s how I handle the problem:

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Custom dog collars

Christmas dog ornamentThe fire is gently winking and Fido and I are checking our lists and trying to decide what to give our favorite friends.  With a little thought, perfect gifts for dogs are easy to find — and don’t need to cost a month’s worth of kibble.

Here are the ideas we’ve come up with so far:

  1. ZiwiPeak Real Meat Jerky Treats for Dogs. Give this and hope the recipient shares! These treats come from New Zealand in lamb, venison or beef. You can buy small packages at Centinela Feed for about $7. Fido prefers the one-pound bag from Amazon.com, which costs $18 to $19, depending on the flavor. These treats are free of grain, added hormones or growth promotants, salt, sugar, coloring, preservatives or filler. Fido can’t get enough of them.

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