Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Paddington the Havanese moved in last summer bringing a whole new tone to our courtyard cocktail hour.

When he trots across the patio bricks and pauses to jump into his “mother’s” lap, you just want to reach for a Mojito and turn on some light Chachachá music.

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Dog scratching fleas
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The hotter it gets, the more I worry about fleas. At 70 to 90 degrees, fleas hatch and dogs suffer.

When you have a dog who is generally itchy, scratchy and licky, fleas make life so much more complicated. Fleas are the most common cause of itchiness in a dog. Vets will zoom in on flea control first. Visit after visit last year, I debated with Spike’s vet what to do about his constant paw-licking, rump-chewing and scratching. I was leaning heavily toward allergy testing.

Our vet focused on flea control. We would turn Spike over and, sure enough, a flea or two could be seen. She pointed out that even if Spike had allergies, we’d still have to deal with the fleas.

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