Reaching an Understanding: An Official Bark Translator

Reaching an Understanding: An Official Bark Translator

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How many times has your bright-eyed, bushy tailed best friend come to a sit at your heels and stared up expectantly at you?

It’s not dinner time. It’s not when you usually walk. He’s got water. Nobody’s eating anything. There are no unusual sounds around . . .

This is the time to reach for your iPhone or iPod Touch and call on the services of the Bowlingual Translator or the Dog Translator. These are entertaining little applications that purport to record, analyze and translate a dog’s bark.

Reading the reviews will lighten your day.  They prove that just because you have a dog, doesn’t mean you have a sense of humor.

Here are highlights — in a nearly random order and mixing reviews for different products.

“My dog said the aliens are coming!!!!”

“Yeah, my iPod Touch has no microphone, proving the answers to be fake.  My family doesn’t know that, which makes it fun.”

“I could not stop laughing at the reviews.  I had to get this . . . . can’t wait to use it on some of my friends.!!!!!”

“My dog is smarter than me because she didn’t waste {deleted} on this piece of {deleted}.”

“For all who say this isn’t real because your dog was not barking or was sleeping, listen up.  This version also translates your dog’s thoughts, too.  You don’t even need a mic.  Way cool. Only 4 stars, because it doesn’t work as well on cats.”

“I cannot believe the comments I’m reading.  This is funnier than the app itself. LMAO. I can’t believe people are complaining that they can’t communicate properly with their dogs.  Please make another app called ‘English to Dog’ translator so that people learn to bark and then complain their dogs don’t understand.”