Dog Adoption Reality Show

Dog Adoption Reality Show

Dog Adoption Reality TV show

Now here’s something we can woof about: A dog adoption reality TV show where an expert helps people find the best dog for their goals and lives.

3Ball Entertainment is the producer of the show. They also produce the Hallmark Channel’s “Kitten Bowl”; “My Cat from Hell” and “Groomer Has It” for Animal Planet; and “Extreme Weight Loss” for ABC.

If you live in the Greater LA area and are seeking “a doggie companion to enrich your world” this is your chance to be cast as a participant on the show. Keep reading to learn how!

Casting information

Are you looking to adopt a dog for a healthier lifestyle? Do you need an assistance dog? An emotional support dog? Does a member of your family have special needs?

The show’s expert can help with all of these situations. To apply, send an email to  Please include your name, telephone number, the city where you live, a photo and tell the casting director what you’re looking for in a dog companion and why.

We love the idea of a show that helps people analyze what their goals are in adopting a dog. Expert help in selecting the right size dog with the right energy level and the right breed (or mixed breed) qualities is key to a successful adoption that suits both people and dog.

People too often decide to adopt a dog based on a popular movie or TV show, a favorite celebrity’s dog or even a dog that a friend or neighbor has.

Big, high energy dogs aren’t going to be happy if you don’t have the time and energy to keep them well-exercised.  Some dogs are cuddly companions; some dogs are aggressive protectors of their turf, their resources and their peeps; some dogs are known for their tendency to yap, howl, bay or bark; some dogs are couch potatoes.

Having expert guidance, as this show is proposing, can make the difference between a happy dog and a happy owner — or not.

One of the saddest situations we’ve seen is the perfectly wonderful dog who gets turned back into the shelter because its owners had unrealistic expectations.  If this dog adoption reality TV show can help educate people about dog adoption, we’re all for it.


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