Thursday, June 27, 2019



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A dog had a fatal encounter with a rattlesnake at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park last week. A second was bitten but is recovering....

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"It was horrible, especially the way it happened," said Rianne, her sad brown eyes staring into the distance. Weeks earlier, her small terrier mix had...
Dogs and heat

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Ugh! It's going to be a hot day in L.A.! For starters, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. We're going...

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In Henry Bergh's lifetime, dogs turned treadmills or pulled carts.  Sporting men put down money on $1,000 championship dogfights. Strays were rounded up from...
retractable leashes

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Used in the wrong way in the wrong setting, a retractable dog leash can injure or potentially kill a dog. But it doesn't have to...
Giving a dog a pill

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Some say, "Absolutely yes!" Others say, "Not so much." Like so many things in health and medicine, the research is limited and contradictory. That said,...
crash test dog dummy

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When I'm setting out for a drive with Fido in the car, guilt climbs into the passenger seat beside me. Guilt because Fido is riding...
Barkley family by Subaru

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Fido and I had seen the “Dog tested. Dog approved” sign in our local Subaru dealer’s window when were out dog walking.  But it...
Landscaping for dogs

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As water restrictions tighten, many L.A. dog lovers are faced with the challenge of how to keep yards friendly for Fido while getting rid...

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Lately, we've been doing the LA rock and roll -- the seismic kind, not the Elvis kind. It's an in your face reminder to either...

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You know you have the world’s greatest dog, but here’s a way to prove it: is sponsoring 20 dog contests, including the Bulldog...
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