Sunday, February 18, 2018
At Home & Play

At Home & Play


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Spike looks debonair wearing his flea-fighting Baltic amber collar.  We got it at Healing TouchVets in Sherman Oaks. His vet there, Audra MacCorkle, DVM,...
Dog Adoption Reality TV show

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Now here's something we can woof about: A dog adoption reality TV show where an expert helps people find the best dog for their goals and...
Dogs and heat

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Ugh! It's going to be a hot day in L.A.! For starters, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. We're going...
Getting to know a new dog

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Getting to know a new dog is like going on your first blind date after the end of a long relationship. You vividly remember...
Dog allergies

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Helping a dog with allergies can really tug on a dog lover's heart. Allergies can be tricky to diagnose and difficult to treat. Symptoms can...
Round dog bed

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Call me dog-bed-obsessed but as I've written about ways that you make the life of a dog in a shelter a little more comfortable...

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Our neighborhood is blessed with three pure white dogs. Zach and Zoe are said to be gindos. They most certainly spent formative years in a...
Senior dog Joey

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My dog Joey and I began 2015 a happy pair: we were both getting a little whiter, but still having fun learning new things. ...
retractable leashes

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Used in the wrong way in the wrong setting, a retractable dog leash can injure or potentially kill a dog. But it doesn't have to...

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It's hotter than an Elvis Presley hound dawg these days. Bobbing for hot dogs is just the kind of cool dog games to fight summer...

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Dog scratching fleas

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The higher the temperature gets, the more anxious I get about fleas. Once the temperature hits the 70 to 90 degree range, conditions are ripe...
Dogs and heat

Getting to know a new dog