Thursday, January 17, 2019


Dog allergies

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Helping a dog with allergies can really tug on a dog lover's heart. Allergies can be tricky to diagnose and difficult to treat. Symptoms can...

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Dogs know one thing about Halloween that children don't: it's not "trick OR treat" -- it's "trick AND treat." Your Fido will be delighted to...
Holiday safety for dogs

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Next to a turkey and stuffing, the best way to a happy Christmas is making sure your dog is well protected this  holiday season....

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With the dog days of August just around the corner, this is a great treat to have chilling in the freezer for your best...

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With the mysterious taint on meat jerky from China, we've been searching for a way to make jerky at home. We're still experimenting, but this recipe has...
Dog food ingredients

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Raw meaty bones? Dehydrated? Home-cooked? Feeding Fido has gotten a lot more complicated since the days of choosing between kibble or canned. It can be...

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There's no question that dog food is getting better, healthier and higher quality.  That's one reason that dogs are living longer than they used...
Quiche for dogs

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Quiche, with eggs, minced vegetables and slivered meat or fish, makes an excellent treat for dogs. This version gets rid of the wheat flour-based...

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It was just a simple two-step shuffle to avoid tripping over my dog and then I fell. Reaching my hands out to avoid crashing...
Dogs and heat

PaintNite for Dogs