Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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Paddington the Havanese moved in last summer bringing a whole new tone to our courtyard cocktail hour. When he trots across the patio bricks and...
Chihuahuas for Cinco de Mayo

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Today, as people of Mexican heritage celebrate the Mexican army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, dog lovers are...

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The talk of the walk lately has been the news that a series of rare astronomical crosses will be appearing in the skies until...
So Cal Corgi Beach Day

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More than 800 Corgis took Rosie's Beach in Long Beach by storm on Saturday, July 25. This was a big leap up from the So...

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Pit bulls are some of the most feared dogs around. Organizations like LA Responsible Pit Bull Owners would like you to take a moment...

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While April is the official Adopt a Greyhound Month, every month is a good one to adopt a greyhound, according to Karen Casady, a...

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Mastiffs are enormous dogs with soulful eyes and droopy, drooly flews. They are members of a breed so ancient Julius Caesar described them in...
Irish dog breeds

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From the wolfhounds coveted by European royalty to stocky little farm ratters, native Irish breeds are a diverse lot. Join us for an introduction. Ireland...

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Spike looks debonair wearing his amber flea collar.  We got it at Healing TouchVets in Sherman Oaks. His vet there, Audra MacCorkle, DVM, wears... Best Senior Dog Award 2019