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Anniversary of the founding of the ASPCA

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aspca henry bergh aspca 3 Anniversary of the founding of the ASPCAIn Henry Bergh’s lifetime,it was not unusual fordogs to be used to turn treadmills or pull small carts . . . For sporting men to put down their money on a $1,000 championship dogfight . . . for strays to be rounded up from the streets of Manhattan, thrown into a cage and then swung into the East River to drown.

What was unusual was for a wealthy, socially prominent man to notice and say, “Enough!”

That man was Henry Bergh, the son and heir of a successful shipyard owner. His leadership and commitment to the protection of animals led to the incorporation of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on April 10, 1866, by the New York State Legislature. Nine days later, an anticruelty law was passed and the ASPCA was given the right to enforce it.

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Knowing pet first aid buys time in an emergency

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P1030317 150x150 Knowing pet first aid buys time in an emergencyI’ll confess: the thought of learning mouth-to-snout resuscitation was almost a deal-breaker.

I don’t even know human first aid, so the fact that I took on this class first shows how much value I put on Fido. My own cuts, scrapes and stomach upsets are easy to deal with, but faced with fur, fangs and a creature a fraction of my size, I’m left wringing my hands.

Or rather, I used to be. As a recent graduate of Denise Fleck’s Sunny-dog Ink Pet First Aid and CPR class, I now have the basic know-how and tools to respond for Joey’s sake.

Here are the key lessons I learned:

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Rub-a-dub-dub. Scrub your dog in a tub.

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Self-Serve dog baths

Fido and I agree that bath time is hell — for totally different reasons.

Fido doesn’t like to get wet. He doesn’t like rain. He doesn’t like streams. He doesn’t like even stepping into puddles. (He does make an exception for rolling in dewy grass on summer mornings.)

I don’t like wrestling a panicky dog into a slippery tub . . . Or the time spent on my achy knees . . . Or the back ache from leaning over the sides of the tub . . . Or managing little cups of shampoo and conditioner with a sidewinding shower hose.

Discovering the benefits of a self-service dog wash center has completely turned around my attitude toward giving the dog bath. It has not, alas, changed Fido’s attitude.


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New recipes for homemade dog biscuits feature sardines, basil and gluten-free flours

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Easy Homemade Dog Biscuits

The annual FidoUniverse Dog Biscuit Bake-Off this year added an extra challenge: creating recipes that use healthy herbs and are gluten-free.

More dogs — just like their owners — are developing food allergies that often can be traced to an intolerance for gluten.Gluten is formed when certain flours (mainly from wheat) and water are mixed. Because long, stretchy strands of gluten trap the gas from the yeast, it helps baked goods become light and airy.

Fortunately, dog biscuits need to be crunchy rather than airy so flours that little or no gluten work well, including those made from rye, oats, corn or spelt; seeds such as amaranth or flax; or legumes like soybeans, lentils or garbanzo beans.


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