Cardinal Cross Brings Terrier Brain to the Heavens

Cardinal Cross Brings Terrier Brain to the Heavens

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The talk of the walk lately has been the news that a series of rare astronomical crosses will be appearing in the skies until 2012.

According to astrologers, seven planets were involved in creating a grand cross in the skies this past June and other crosses will be appearing in coming months. Such crosses fall into three categories:

  • Mutable, causing difficulties being focused in communication
  • Cardinal, causing an individual to be unfocused in actions, trying to do everything at once, usually achieving little
  • Fixed, causing indecision that causes an individual to be stuck

Regardless of the type, crosses designed by heavenly bodies are always marked by energies opposing each other.

To the guardian of a terrier, this is simply business as usual. You want to walk; the terrier wants to stop. You want to stop to chat with a neighbor; the terrier wants to chase a cat. You want to play fetch; the terrier wants to play keep away.

With all due respect to the astrologers, these star signs are simply indications that terriers are trying to take over the universe.