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Dogs are social creatures. The best ones have lots both dogs and people they are comfortable with. Joey and I are blessed with friends.

When I first got Joey, his tail would fall when he saw people as if he were expecting the worst. I started taking him for walks down Ventura Boulevard where people would stop us to coo over how cute he was and to pet him and say nice things.

Now Joey’s tail wags when he sees people coming toward him. He seems to expect the best.

Having good dog friends is important, too. His first and best friend is Wagsy. Wagsy’s mother, Eddy Robey, described their meeting in a recent column: Eddy’s Thoughts – The Gantseh Megillah

Clockwise from above: Redman Houdini Brando, Fred D, Jean-Pierre (JP), Mina, Lucky and Wagsy

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Rain, rain, rain and more rain.

The cat has new A-frame that provides protection from the rain in the event that the cat wants to poke its nose out the door to see if the Ark has arrived.

Joey, meanwhile, has not been so lucky. His Pekingnese part hates to get its pelt wet. I think Joey’s afraid that with enough water, he’ll end up looking like OJ’s glove.

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This cat used to live across the street with a plumber and his two Labs, Cody and Toby. Toby is a young pup and apparently too full of himself for the cat’s liking.

The cat literally went kitty corner across the street for some peace and quiet.

The people who lived at that house noticed and started making sure the cat was comfortable. First it got a box with a pillow and some insulation. Then, a heating pad was put on the box roof. Now, with warmer weather, a blanket keeps out the night drafts.

The cat is very possessive of its property. If a dog spends too much time watching, it will stalk down the path to have a word to the wise. While dogs may not be wise when it comes to cats, owners are. We always move off.

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